3 Strong reasons to stop you from bleaching your hair


Bleaching your hair is extremely and strangely tempting. That’s understandable since for many people (probably including you), hair colors affect directly their mood. Then when getting bored and losing motivation, many girls think of changing their hair colors into the brighter ones as the way to renew and refresh themselves. Some go to the prestigious hair salon and get it done in one day. Some follow the step-by-step tutorials on the Internet and try it at home. However, there is one piece of advice from the seniors: STOP BLEACHING YOUR HAIR. Just don’t. You may disagree with what I am saying now, and of course, you may get upset but don’t scroll down. Applying these toxic chemicals on your hair just to change your mood isn’t worth it.

Here are 3 reasons why you should stop bleaching your hair:

1. Your hair will get COMPLETELY damage after several bleaching processes. Bleaching can be understood as changing your hair structure from top to bottom (in a negative way). That’s why your hair will become extremely weak after bleaching. It will be very hard for your hair to get healthy and strong again. Or in case you want your ordinary hair back, it will take you tons of time and effort. Moreover, the hair may not be as shiny as it used to be, it would feel rough and fake as if it were a wig.

2. Bleaching is never an easy thing to do. Either you go through the bleaching process at a salon or at home, you need to prepare a great amount of money, time and knowledge unless you want to get bald. It’s different from dyeing your hair into the brown or other dark colors.

What’s more, maintaining the bright colors also needs frequent care and re-dye, which means that if your mood relies on those colors, you have to visit the salon and pay at least 200$ after 2-3 weeks.

3. Washing your hair like you normally do is impossible and should be avoided since your hair after being bleached will get too fragile that it can fall out easily. Washing once per week or less than that is recommended. Imagine how your mood will be during bad days… You should prepare for that, too.

Those are 3 simple facts that you should know before ruining your hair. I hope you get your own right decisionthis time.

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